What are the differences between Sbobet Turnover and winloss?

What are the differences between Sbobet Turnover and winloss?

Some new bettors wonder about the differences between sbobet Turnover and winloss sbobet. Most of them are misunderstanding about these two terms which are the basic knowledge and important conditions for promotions of sbobet sites. Today, we will learn about these terms together.

What does the term “Turnover” mean?

Turnover is the total amount of bet , which is referred to by the term “Stake” on the sbobet webpage. The term Turnover shall include all bills and all amounts, including lost and gained credits or draw.

Excluding rates and odds, the turnover sample is as below:

Match 1 Manchester United – Liverpool , win 1000 , the Turnover is 1000
Match 2 Thailand – Malaysia, loss 1000, the Turnover is 2000
Match 3 Leicester City – Muangthong, win 2000 , the Turnover is 4000
Match 4 Burirum – Chelsea, draw 1000 , the Turnover is 5000

As to the above example, the turnover is totally 5000. It is obvious that we disregard the win, loss, and draw. The turnover includes all kinds of betting and bills, e.g. betting before matches, live betting, all rates of betting, first half, second half, over/under, corner kick, etc.

Most agency websites base their conditions on the Turnover because it means the betting does happen. Besides, it is convenient for these sites to check and manage all kinds of betting in the site of sbobet.

The amount of winloss refers to the lost or gained amount after betting, as seen in the figure below.

sbobet Turnover , Online betting site

Referring to the figure above, each bill has different winloss according to the different odds and handicaps. Therefore, if we bet 1000, it doesn’t mean we will gain or lose 1000 all the time.

For more information about Turnover and winloss, please select the menu SBOBET Statement on the top left of the screen.
In this menu, we would like to explain the following terms.

Sbobet turnover, winloss sbobet, Online Casino

Statement sbobet refers to the details of transactions we bet at sbo bet. The details can be viewed on a weekly basis.
Date refers to the date and time of betting at sbobet
Details refers to the details of bills and betting. The said bill includes specific numbers, date, and time of betting.
Selection refers to the details of matches and betting at SBOBET, including rates and types of betting.
odds refers to the odds that are adopted from Malaysia and Hong Kong.
Stake refers to the total amount in an individual bill. ** This amount is called Turnover sbobet.
Win/Loss refers to the amount gained and lost, including the credit after the completion of each betting bill. ** Certain bills may present this amount at different time depending on the time of completion.
Status refers to the status of the bills at sbobet. Running refers to the credited bills while Pending refers to the bills that are under consideration.
Total refers to the total amount of all bills in SBOBET or other incoming betting on daily basis.

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