Online football betting World Cup open the rate of expected World Cup 2018 Winner. Let’s see who is the No. 1.

Online football betting World Cup,sites open the rate of expected World Cup 2018 Winner. All of the popular websites in Thailand, e.g. sbobet, maxbet, m8bet, agree that the previous champion Germany is the No. 1 expected winner. And the other 32 teams are expected as follow

เต็งแชมป์ บอลโลก 2018
เต็งแชมป์ world cup 2018

The rank Online football betting of expected World Cup 2018 Winners

The well-known online betting sites have opened the rate of the expected world cup 2018 champion. Every website regards Germany as the No.1 expected winner with the rate 5.80. This means you bet 100 Baht and you will get 580 Baht (including the original 100 Baht). This rate is offered by sbobet.

The rate of Maxbet is lower than sbobet. In other words,

The rate of Maxbet is lower than sbobet. In other words, Maxbet offers the rate of Germany, expected to be the World Cup 2018 winner, at 5.50. You bet 100 baht and you get 550 baht.

The Last Score of 9 Matchs Expected World Cup 2018 Winner

Who is the expected of No.2

Brazil and France are both the expected No.2 of the winner because both teams represented very excellent forms during the qualification process. For example, Brazil won successively during the recent 9 matches, no loss, no draw.

In addition, the scores of every match were over 2 goals, and it could beat such tough rivals of all time like Argentina, 3-0, and Uruguay 4-1. The team also possesses the top-form footballers, e.g.Naymar, Gabriel Jesus, Coutinho, the mid fielders from Real Madrid and Barcelona.

เต็ง2 แชมป์ บอลโลก 2018
The expected No.2 of World Cup 2018 winner

The team of France consists of extraordinary young footballers, such asMbappé, Griezmann, Dembélé, and Martial. All are not over 30 but equipped with talents, good forms, and enormous prices. Therefore, the team is expected to be the No.2 World Cup 2018 winner, too.

เต็ง2 แชมป์โลก
The expected No.2 of World Cup 2018 winner

No. 4 Spain, the winner in 2010.The rate is at8.00, or 100 baht for 800 baht.
No. 5 Argentina, with asuper footballer like Messi who can make anything happen. The rate is at 1.0, or 100 baht for 1000 baht.

สเปน เต็ง4
No. 4 Spain

No. 6 – 10 include:
• No. 6 Belgium, a European team with competent players like Eden Hazard, RomeluLukaku, Kevin De Bruyne. We should not overlook this team.
• No. 7 England, a team with good spirit led byHarry Kane.
• No. 8 Uruguay, a very tough team from Latin America starred by EdinsonCavani and Luis Suárez.
• No. 9 Portugal, a recent winner of World Cup 2016, with a captain, Cristiano Ronaldo ,who has received FIFA Ballon d’Or 5 years consecutively.
• No. 10 Columbia and Russia, the host of this event. The rate is 100 baht for 3500 baht.

ราคา m8bet บอลโลก Online football betting
ราคา m8bet World Cup Online football betting

Asia teams achieved the championship Rank of World Cup

In Asia, neither of the teams has achieved the championship of World Cup, but their rates are as below:
• Japan 211.0
• Australia 251.0
• Korea 501
• Iran 501
• Saudi Arabia and Panama 1001, the teams with lowest possibility to become the winner. This means you bet 100 baht and you will get 10100 baht.
The rate herein is as of 19 December 2017. The rate is subject to the changes of footballers’ and their forms. If the main players are not included in the team, the rate will be certainly changed.

เต็ง รองเท้าทองคำ บอลโลก2018
World Cup 2018 Golden Boot

The following is the rank of expected goal scorers in World Cup 2018 proposed by the legalized betting sites in Europe.
• No. 1. Naymar * Brazil
• No 2. Messi* Argentina
• No 3. Griezmann*France / Timo Werner *Germany / Suárez / Ronaldo* Portugal
• No 4. Lukaku * Belgium
• No 5 Higuaín* Argentina /Harry Kane * England / Müller * Germany / Jesus * Brazil
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