Why is it better to bet at Nova88 Baccarat Online and maxbet casino ?

maxbet baccarat ibcbet casino

As an all-in-one website, Maxbet is very reliable and popular among Thai people. What about a live casino? Why is it better to bet at Nova88 Baccarat Online and ibcbet casino? Today, we will discuss on both advantages and disadvantages thereof. Open up your mind and give it a try. Perhaps, you may like it.

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maxbet baccarat
There are two tables in ibcbet casino.

Nova 88 Baccarat Online is second to no other websites!

For the live casino of  nova88 , Baccarat is on the menu above.

There are two choices of rooms, i.e. Gold Deluxe and Allbet.

Maxbet Casino
Comparison of the two tables in ibcbet

Gold Deluxe: ibcbet live casino

  • nova88 ‘s live casino is available with 5 tables of Baccarat Online.
  • There is one table of live roulette.
  • The menu and the sound are in Thai language. Easy to understand.
  • Baccarat minimum bet is 50 baht and maximum 10,000 baht // Roulette minimum bet is 10 baht and maximum 10,000 baht.
  • Big Small is also available.
  • Commission is charged for all tables. If you bet on the banker and win, the commission of 5% shall be deducted.
  • Live mode is better than graphics
  • You can sit and watch all the cards with no need to leave the game.
Gold Deluxe : ibcbet baccarat
Overall pictures of Gold Deluxe : ibcbet baccarat

Allbet : nova 88 live casino

  • nova live baccarat , roulette, dice, Dragon Tiger are all available.
  • You must choose a table and a vacant seat.
  • Most menus are in English.
  • No commission system – If you bet on banker and win by 6 points, you receive half of the bet.
  • Most dealers are beautiful girls, perhaps, the most beautiful of all Online Casinos
  • Minimum bet of 100 baht – 10,000 baht. For higher bet, you can adjust it on the agent system page only.
  • The table graphics are quite good and the chips can be placed like a real table.
  • In case of no bet for consecutive 5 games, the player will be forced to leave the table automatically.

allbet ibcbet casino

What are advantages of Nova live casino?

Here is the summary of trial on betting and playing nova 88 baccarat and roulette.

  • Casino commission of ibcbet is 0.7%
  • Credit system is the same as sport. Real-time update.
  • Low minimum bet, i.e. minimum of 50 baht and maximum of 160,000 baht for baccarat.
  • Big / Small Baccarat is available:

Big : Drawing of the 3rd card
Small :  No drawing of the 3rd card

advantages of ibcbet live casino


What are disadvantages of maxbet live casino?

  • Not available on mobile phones. No live casino. Only games are available
  • Black Jack 21 is not available.
  • Lots of baccarat tables, but few choices of other games.
  • Roulette requires minimum bet of 10 – 10,000, compared to just a minimum of 5 baht of sbobet.
disadvantages of ibcbet live casino
Disadvantages of live casino ibcbet.

Summary of results after trying live casino ibcbet.

  • Easy to use via a computer with various choices to play.
  • Live casino’s minimum bet is very low. Members of soccer sites can try playing baccarat while there is no soccer game.
  • It may not be suitable for people with mobile phones
  • It is suitable for people who already bet on soccer games. No need to move anywhere to play ibcbet casino.

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