How to calculate and bet on maxbet mix parlay, or ball step ibcbet? It’s very easy!

How to calculate and bet on mix parlay maxbet

Betting on maxbet mix parlay, or ball step ibcbet , which is more familiar among Thai bettors, refers to the betting on several matches within one bill. This means the betting shall offer the return 4-50 times. In other words, you bet only 100 baht and you may get as much as 50,000 baht. Today, we will explain how to bet on maxbet mix parlay  and its calculation.

How to bet on Maxbet mix parlay or ball step Ibcbet?

According to the figure below, there is only a menu maxbet Mix Parlay. Click here and the rates will change to ball step, which are multiplied with 1 or 2; for instance, 1.93 or 2.31.

How to bet on Maxbet mix parlay or ball step Ibcbet?

How to bet on mix parlay or ball step Ibcbet?

1.The methods are the same as in single bet. You choose to bet at least 3 matches or 3 types of betting. **You can mix over/under betting and odd/even betting, but with at least 3 matches. In case you bet the same match, the types of betting must be different. This means you cannot bet on the same match with different rates.

2. The right side on the web page displays the matches and the rates you bet. The betting amount must be at least 50 baht per one bill. The highest amount per bill will be calculated based on the number of matches and rates. The more matches, the lower betting amount in that bill. You can bet on 14-15 matches at maximum and the return is not over 2,500,000 baht.

For example:

8 matcheswith the rate @270, the highest return is approximately 9109.
9 matcheswith the rate @540, the highest return is approximately 4554

How to calculate Maxbet mix parlay or ball step?

To calculate the rates of ball step, let’s see the example in the figure below, you bet on the following 3 matches:

Colorado @1.87
Avai SC @1.81
Paysandu PA @2.17
Multiply these 3 rates together >> 1.87 * 1.81 * 2.17 = 7.344799
So, with the betting amount of 100 baht, you will get 734.47 baht.

maxbet mix parlay /ballstep ibcbet

How to calculate the bill of maxbet mix parlay?

The advantage of betting on ball step, or maxbet Mix parlay, is you bet with low amount and get high return. However, there are several conditions and details as follows.

1. Handicap has an effect on every match.

So, there will be half-gain and half-loss.
– In case of half-gain, the rates are divided by 2. For example, for the rate of 1.9, 9 is divided by 2 = 4.5. So, the rate will become 1.45.
– In case of half-loss, the rate of the match with half-loss will not be multiplied, while the half-gain is divided with 2.

For example, 1.93 * 1.86 X 1.88 = 6.7488 but you lost 1 match 1.
The calculation will be 1.93 * 1.86 / 2 = 1.7949. This means you bet 100but you will get on about 179baht.

2. Betting on more matches is based on the same rules of calculation on loss and gain.

For example, you bet on 4 matches and you win 2 with half-loss 2, the calculation will be as below:
In case you win all matches, 1.93 * 1.86 * 1.88 * 1.88 = 12.688. You bet 100 and you get 1268baht.
in case you win 2 with half-loss 2,1.93 * 1.86 * 0.5 * 0.5 = 0.897. You bet 100 and you get only 89 baht.

3.Score draw

In case of score draw, the rate of that match will be discarded, not calculated in the bill.

4. Multiple matches in one billing

You can bet on 3-15 matches in one bill. However, if you lose in any match, the whole bill will be regarded as completely loss. No further calculation at all on that bill.

After that, you bet the amount of at least 50 baht. If there is no change of rates, click OK to confirm the betting on ball step ibcbet. The betting on maxbet mix parlay is a piece of cake.

Today, you can see this can happen by looking at the one who bet on ball step 14 matches with only 500 baht. That guy got 2.2 million baht.

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