Does the decrease risk to lose betting in Sbobet Mix Parlay is good or not?

Does the decrease risk to lose betting in Sbobet Mix Parlay is good or not?

Those who used to bet on Mix parlay are always very excited when there are only 1-2 matches left on the bill. It is sometimes a very uncomfortable moment. So, there is a way to reduce this tension called to decrease risk to lose step betting bill.Today, we will make it clear whether it’s good or not to decrease risk to lose betting in Sbobet Mix Parlay.

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Advantage and disadvantage of decrease risk to lose step betting bill in Sbobet Mix Parlay.

Advantage : We certainly receive the money though the final match has not yet ended.
Disadvantage : The money we gain is reduced, even to the original bet, depending on different calculations while betting on sbobet mix parlay.

How to bet on mix parlay with a plan to decrease risk to lose betting?

If you bet on Sbobet ball step, you should select the matches that are not played at the same time, or not played shortly one after another, especially the last 2 matches.

If you select 4-5 matches and you have won the first 3 ones already, you wait and see the last 1 or 2 matches. In this case, you still have time for proper calculations on how to set up another plan or whether you should decrease the risk. Or you should wait for a while and then decrease risk to lose betting during the Live? This depends on techniques of each bettor. For the admin, the last match must be played 45-90 minutes after the end of the previous match.

Let’s see a sample Sbobet Mix Parlay bill.

We bet 1000 baht on 4 matches.

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Match 1 : Moreirense vs Vitoria Setubal – Over 2.00 @ 1.90 (Full Time)
Match 2 : Lens vs Sochaux – Over 1.00 @ 1.91 (First Half)
Match 3 : Manchester United vs Stoke City – Over 1.00 @ 1.53 (First Half)
Match 4 : Estoril vs Porto – Over 3.00 @ 1.98 (Full Time)

Supposing we won the match 1 and 2:

Match 1 : We bet on Moreirense- Over (Full Time) : The game was exciting and ended with total 4 goals.
Match 2 : We bet on Lens – Over (Half Time) : Only in the first half, there were 2 goals.

It’s very fine since we won 2 matches already and the gain in hand now is 1,000 * 1.90 * 1.91 = 3,629 baht.
If we don’t want to wait for match 3, what should we do? We must decrease the risk. Let’s see the rate of match 3.
If we decrease the risk by bet on Under 1@2.53 first half 1,000 (But 2.53 is not the rate of Live. It is wiser to bet on the matches that are played at different time.)

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If the results of first half come out as follow:

• No goal : We gain 1,000 * 2.53 = 2,530 baht. The bill of ball step is dead now.
• 1 goal : We gain the original bet when have to decrease the riskby betting amount 1,000 baht. The amount on the bill is still 3,629 baht.
• 2 goals or over : We won the match and gain 3,629 * 1.53 = 5,552.37 baht.

However, we lose 1000 baht for decrease risk to lose betting.
Don’t forget that the interval of match 2 and match 3 is only 15 minutes. If the goals happen quickly in match 2 (10 minutes 2 goals), it will be very easy to decrease that risk but the rate Under shall not be 2.53.

Before betting, you should select the matches that are played at very different time so that you have enough time to consider whether to wait and see or bet for decrease the risk.

You may wait and see match 3 and then did the decrease risk in match 4 so that you will have higher accumulated gain.

Shall guarantee your gain with no need to wait for all matches to complete. Nevertheless, the gain may not so much, or even equal to the bet.

It is hoped that this article is useful for those who prefer Mix parley. Carefully choose the best method and find out your own style, and wait for the gain.

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