What should beginners do if they want to bet on maxbet nova88 ?

bet on maxbet

The European Football League will start the new season 2018 -2019 in August. Once the major league begins, online sports betting will become vivacious again. What about the beginners who have never been betting? So, we would like to explain the process step by step. The following are what beginners should do if they want to bet on maxbet or nova88 , from signing up to betting.

Online soccer betting
Online soccer betting

What should the beginners do in the process of betting?

  1. In this case, we choose the betting site MAXBET as an example. However, it could be sbobet, 3m, fifa, vegus, ufabet, fun88, w88 or whatever. All share the same basic process.

– To sign up, choose the preferred website and prepare the following information:

* Bank account and some money therein. Major commercial banks are recommended for the convenience to withdraw credit.
* First name, last name, nickname
* Mobile phone number for verification of identity and for registration. The agent will send you some information via this number.
* Some websites require email or personal ID Line.
– Next, contact the agent to which you want to sign up via telephone, Line, Facebook Chat, etc.
* Deposit money into the bank account.
* Deposit at least 100 baht as a credit because each website requires minimum bet.
* maxbet single bet 100 baht per bill // mix parley 50 baht per bill
>> * Read how to sign up for soccer betting website in detail How to sign up for maxbet via line

  1. After the deposit, you will receive user password to sign in.
    For maxbet, you can access Maxbet Link to the site by clicking update.
Start Maxbet betting
Start Maxbet betting

* Enter user password to begin the first online betting.  Then the website requires you to set up a new password.
* Check the information about user and the credit you have deposited.
* See the menus on the top of screen
* Simply choose what to bet via the online soccer betting.

How to view the page of maxbet soccer betting
How to view the page of maxbet soccer betting

How to consider maxbet rates?

* How to view the soccer match:  The left column shows the names of soccer teams. The above is the home team/the team in red color is a favorite team.

The first column is hadicap
>> Rate of maxbet 0 (number of goals) refers to zero handicap. No advantage or disadvantage.
>> Rate of maxbet 0-0.5 (number of goals) means that the favorite team has advantage over the underdog team. If the match ends in a draw, the favorite team loses half of the bet (because the handicap is 0-0.5).
>> Rate of maxbet 0.5 (number of goals) means that the favorite team must win the match in order to receive the bet. In case of draw game, you will lose all of the bet.
>> Rate of maxbet 0.5 – 1 (number of goals) means that if the favorite team wins by one goal, you receive only half of the bet. You will receive all of the bet in case the favorite team wins at least by two goals.
>> Rate of maxbet 1 (number of goals) means that if the favorite team wins by one goal, you lose the bet because it is seemed as a draw game. To win the bet, the favorite team must win at least by 2 goals. In other words, the number of goals has an effect on the teams of each match.

Rate of maxbet
Rate of maxbet – How to bet on maxbet for the beginners?

Rates and colors of numbers

– Black rate means that you lose all of the bet but receive money as to the specified number.
For example, referring to the rate of 0.84 and the bet of 1000 baht, if you win, you will receive 840 baht. However, if you lose, you have to pay 1000 baht.

–  Red rate means that you receive full bet but lose money as to the specified number
For example, referring to the rate of 0.92 and the bet of 1000 baht, if you win, you will receive the full bet. However, if you lose, you have to pay only 920 baht.


Read more about soccer rates in detail. Click here **
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Now, let’s start the bet!

  1. Choose the format of bet: Single Bet or Mix Parley
  2. Choose the type of bet: Live or Early Market
    maxbet soccer betting
    Start maxbet soccer betting.
  3. Choose the team and rate. Then click the rate.
  4. Enter the amount of credit
  5. Click ok to confirm the bet

**In the online soccer betting, the confirmed bet “cannot be cancelled” in no circumstances.

  1. Check the bill status for confirmation. The status must be “running” to confirm that maxbet has already received the bet.

How to withdraw money from the soccer betting sites

It is very quick and easy with only a few steps, especially from professional websites.

* Notify the agent that you want to withdraw the money as to your available credit.

* Provide the name, phone number, and bank account to confirm the withdraw. Withdraw the money via the registered account just for the safety.

Different homepages of maxbet

There are 2 version of webpages: desktop and mobile
Either of them is suitable for various screen sizes
However, the menu functions are almost 100% the same

Page layout of maxbet website
Page layout of maxbet website

As to the information above, the beginners can easily start the bet on maxbet site. In case of any problems, you can contact your agent for assistance 24 hours. If your agent fails to do this, we suggest you to change another site.

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